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What is Gimli?

Gimli is the first and only truly decentralized wagering solution for eSports on the blockchain. Using Ethereum smart contracts, Gimli brings about the next trusted decentralized authority, made by gamers for gamers.

Application Gimli

Using modern interactive design and high performance frameworks, Gimli provides a fast and lean interface for anyone to interact with the Ethereum blockchain. Sit back and relax, we take care of the complex matters for you.

Gimli Smart Contract

Gimli's logic and governance are baked into its smart contracts, providing full transparency and irrefutable funds security. Your assets are secure, and you do not need to trust an unknown third party.

Ethereum Blockchain

Using the Ethereum blockchain, Gimli taps into the power of the global computer to provide you with the ultimate guarantee for decentralized governance. Experienced and curious? Feel free to explore and audit the entire stack.

BET & win

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Generate profits

Shine in your community

Vote, Engage, Support

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Safe & fully transparent

Gimli concept

The Gimli ecosystem is powered by the GIM token, custom made to satisfy the needs of the community. The GIM token is administered by an ERC-20 compatible smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain located at 0xae4f56f072c34c0a65b3ae3e4db797d831439d93 Explore now.

Gimli on air

Dive into the origins of the Gimli project, and meet our eSports advisors.


February 2017
The birth of “The Gimli Project”
April 2017
First mockups and product designs
June 2017
Betting and voting, smart contracts, deployed on a testnet
September 1 to 15
Token pre-sale
September 18 to October 15
Initial Coin Offering
ICO + 6 months
  • Betting Smart Contract V1
  • Beta UI widget available for streamers and viewers
  • Integration of exchange widget to make GIM easily available
  • Licences acquired in first countries
  • Partnership reached with one prominent eSports actor
  • Public beta available
ICO + 12 months
  • Oracle based bet resolution
  • Tournament prize pooling
  • Gimli odds market making and exchange
  • Gimli partners program
Long term
  • Oracle based bet resolution
  • Tournament prize pooling
  • Gimli odds market makingnd exchange
  • Gimli partners program

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