Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gimli?

Gimli is a decentralized engagement platform for eSport streamers and viewers. On Gimli, streamers can use the digital Token GIM to set up functionalities for their audience, such as: bets on live game outcomes, challenges, donations, crowdfunding requests and surveys, overall to improve interaction with their viewers and followers.

What is GIM?

GIM is an ERC20 compliant Ethereum token. It is used by Gimli users as a token to bet on live game outcomes, donate to streamers they watch, vote on stream actions and many other live stream functionalities.

Can GIM be exchanged for other currencies?

GIM will be listed on several crypto exchanges where it can be exchanged for other crypto currencies (Ether, Bitcoin etc..) or fiat currencies (like USD)

What is GIM crowdfunding?

Ether (ETH) is the only cryptocurrency accepted during the GIM crowdsale. You will need to have ETH in your own wallet to participate in the GIM sale. Please visit to set up your Ethereum wallet.

What is GIM price?

The GIM price during the public crowdsale will be 1ETH = 700GIM

How does the Crowdfunding work?

The crowdfunding will be administered by an Ethereum smart contract which wil create the GIM and excahnge them for ETH. The code of the smart contract is public and availabe on GitHub

Where will ETH be stored?

The GIM kept in Gimli’s reserve fund will be store in a multi-sig wallet (not Parity).

How many GIM do you keep?

150 Million GIM will be creating during the token creation period. Of that number, 90 Million will be sold to eSport professional and the general public, and 60 Million will be split between the Gimli reserve fund, the advisory fund and the dev team.

Will there be more GIM created affther the crowdfunding?

No, the 150 Million GIM created during the crowdfunding period represent the entire supply of GIM. There can be no further creation of GIM after the crowdfunding ends.

Will GIM be sold after the crowfunding?

Yes, Gimli will distribute its GIM reserve to eSport professionals and Gimli users over time

Who is the Gimli team?

Gimli’s team is made of experienced engineers from the best schools in the world (Polytechnique, Harvard, and the University of Singapore), Blockchain developpers and eSport internationally reknown streamers and professional gamers, with both current and ex top worldwide players in many games

Who codes Gimli?

Gimli initial version was coded by Ouziel Slama : Exclusively devoted to the field of cryptocurrency since 2013, Ouziel was a major contributor to Counterparty and principal software manager at

Is Gimli up and running?

Gimli’s initial vanilla UI can be viewed and tested with blockchain interaction at

How does the vanilla UI work?

Gimli’s vanilla UI interacts with the Ethereum blockchain test environment. A tutorial video can be found at

Does the vanilla UI really work or is it just a mockup?

Gimli’s vanilla UI works in the sense that it interacts with the blockchain. Now, the design is not ready yet, indeed 😉

Why is the design so bad?

We focused on the code first, and built a mockup in parallel which can be found at . We will integrate the two soon, stay tuned 🙂

Is Gimli legal?

Gimli will follow every rule and regulation. Using digital tokens to place bets on skilled games is legal in most countries and jurisdictions. Gimli is 100% legal.

Is betting with cryptocurrencies legal?

It depends on the country and the type of game. In the US, betting with cryptocurrencies follow the same rules and restrictions as betting with USD. Some states allow it (like New Jersey and Nevada for example), and some don’t. In other countries, online gambling is perfectly legal (like the UK for example) and as a result using cryptocurrencies is also legal.

Is betting on skilled games legal?

It depends on the country, in most (like the US for example), yes: skill-based gaming has a well-established legal, social and commercial presence. Games of skill are not considered gambling because the generally accepted definition of gambling involves three specific things: (1) the award of a prize, (2) paid-in consideration (meaning entrants pay to compete) and (3) an outcome determined on the basis of chance. Without all three of these elements, a bet on skilled game is not considered gambling. One well-known application of this exemption is widespread Fantasy football betting companies that operate legally in most US states.

Is Ethereum appropriate for Gimli?

As an Ethereum powered smart contract, Gimli is provably fair and can run in a decentralized and trustless fashion. Ethereum is constantly evolving and so will Gimli.

Is Gimli real time?

Blockchain transactions are sent in real time and usually validated in under a dozen seconds. Gimli plans on using state channels where it makes sense to improve velocity.

Who pays the ETH fees for running Gimli?

Gimli will pay ETH fees from its own funds to improve user experience. As Ethereum and Gimli functionalities evolve, this may change in the future.

Why use Ethereum to run Gimli and not a centralized app?

Blockchain technology revolutionizes online betting, users can confidently use tokens in a trustless, transaparent way. Gimli is therefore provably fair. This cannot be said of traditional cloud websites and applications.

How does Gimli makes money?

Gimli will use the money from the initial token crowdsale to fund development of the project. Over time Gimli may charge commissions and/or subscriptions fees as it develops its value proposition to streamers and users.

How do streamers make money?

Streamers are the primary beneficiaries of Gimli. They set up GIM commission rates that users have to pay to participate to their live ballots.

How will Gimli attract users?

Streamers are Gimli’s biggest asset, spreading and promoting it to their audience throughout the world. They are the primary beneficiaries of Gimli, getting compensated every time their audience use Gimli functionalities, which encourages viral adoption of the platform.

How will you spend the ETH from the crowdsale?

Gimli will develop its application, retain talent, sponsor tournaments and professional players.

Will you sponsor tournaments and pro gamer leagues?

Yes, eSport branding and sponsoring will be a large part of Gimli’s budget.

Do you already have a mining API?

No, because there is no mining of GIM. The entire token supply is created during the crowdsale.

However, Gimli is developped using the Ethereum protocol, which has a well developed mining community.
For more information, take a look at

How will you spend the ETH from the crowdsale?

Gimli will develop its application, retain talent, sponsor tournaments and professional players.