Decentralized live stream bets and interactions

What is Gimli?

Gimli is a revolutionary way of experiencing live eSport streaming. Engage in bets, challenges and surveys with your streamers using digital tokens. Gimli is an eSports application made by eSport fans for eSports fans.

Transcend watching, become part of the game.


Bet & Win

Bet with Gimli

Generate profits

Shine in your community


Vote, Engage, Support

Donate and tip streamers

Fund tournaments and projects

Participate in polls


Token Powered



Safe & fully transparent

The Gimli platform

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Vote & survey

Ever wanted to impact your favorite streamers’ decisions? Participate in challenges and surveys.

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Place bets on game outcomes using the Gimli token, put your skin in the game.

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Donate directly to streamers. No middleman. Your contribution at its best.

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Any game

One account for all streams. Follow and engage with all your favorite games and players.

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Track your success

Showcase your betting history and keep track of your statistics.

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Trust the blockchain

Connect your wallets and seamlessly transact your tokens. You’re in full control.

Streamers benefit from Gimli’s enhanced engagement for their streams and their audience.

Gimli reaches millions of viewers all over the world.

Join our community

The Gimli token (GIM)

  • Users can vote and bet using the GIM digital token
  • Streamers decide how they want to use GIM on their streams
  • GIM can be bet, donated and transferred
  • Only 150 million GIM tokens will ever be created, during the crowdsale

Upcoming Crowdsale


Once the crowdsale opens, the sale of GIM to the general public will be administered by an Ethereum smart contract.

Read the Gimli token sale agreement

The Crowdsale will be announced soon. There will be no further creation of GIM tokens after the crowdsale ends.


Professional streamers, gamers and all eSport professional will have priority in acquiring GIM. Please contact us to secure your allocation in advance of the Crowdsale start date.

Team & Advisors

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David graduated with a Master’s in Mathematics from the National University of Singapore. He has been published for his research in probability theory in zero-range processes. Before joining Gimli, David worked as an equity derivatives quant in a major New York investment bank, where he saw firsthand how arduous transaction processes can be. He is a big believer in the simplicity of blockchain technologies, and he joined the Gimli Project to build exciting, decentralized, open solutions to solve “real-world” problems.



Dan is a multi-disciplined entrepreneur specialized in Digital Marketing & International Trade, with a Master’s in International Business. Dan worked as a Product Manager before becoming Purchasing & Marketing Manager of a well-known company specialized in household equipment. He is very excited to cofound Gimli and work on innovative digital solutions for the gaming community. Within the team his responsibilities lie in Digital Marketing & Community Management of the Gimli platform.

headshot julien light


A seasoned leader with a strong background in internet based businesses. With Engineering Masters from the Ecole Polytechnique and Columbia University, he’s been working in online video and adtech ventures. Julien’s brings his strategic vision in product and engineering to Gimli’s founding team. He has been experimenting with the blockchain for the past year and his goal is to make the revolution accessible to everyone as soon as possible. He usually plays a 2v2 Zerg roach rush on SC2 when he has the chance.



Internet entrepreneur for the past 20 years, Ouziel has been a code-lover since… forever! He has worked on e-learning platforms for prestigious French companies as well
as time-stamping and copyright protection, SEO, advertising, streaming and cloud computing. Exclusively devoted to the field of cryptocurrency since 2013, Ouziel was a major contributor to Counterparty and principal software manager at He now offers his expertise as a consultant to promising projects in the cryptocurrency and blockchain field.



A dedicated autodidact with a passion for scale and disruptive technology, Tom has been a bitcoin fanatic since 2011. He has helped develop game and virtual merchandising engines handling hundreds of thousands of users as well architect systems used by tens of millions for a major media conglomerate. Tom brings technical acuity, blockchain expertise and zeal for the future of online engagement.

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Joseph is a full-time blockchain engineer, co-founder of and lead developer of Florincoin. Previously he worked for SolidX Partners, Inc. in New York City creating decentralized identity and proof-of-existence applications using the Bitcoin blockchain. He livestreams open source decentralized golang development in his free time. With a background in cyber security and a long history of crypto projects, Joseph brings years of industry knowledge to the Gimli team.



Luffy. Red Bull Athlete on Street Fighter. 2014 World Champion on Street Fighter IV.
Known as Europe’s best player on Street Fighter IV and V since 2010.

photo hadrien


Hadrien Noci first launched his career in the world of eSports in 2010 under the username Thud as a french shoutcaster on Starcraft 2, alongside with his brother Pomf. Thanks to the success of their Youtube channel Pomf & Thud, they founded their own media company in 2011, OGAMING, that produces and broadcasts eSports competitions in French. He now works as CEO of ASUS ROG SCHOOL, a training center for eSports pro players, and TIDES, an eSports Agency.



Greg holds an MBA from the National University of Singapore and has more than 15 years of experience in international finance. He previously worked in cross border M&A and due diligence consulting. More recently, he served as the Director of Business Development at one of the largest bitcoin exchanges in China, where he found crypto enlightenment and hasn’t looked back since. He currently advises a range of companies in FinTech, banking, and token offerings.



Mikael Bertheau has been evolving in the gaming and eSports industry since 2010. He has managed all of the communications and marketing operations for ROCCAT since its beginnings on the French market. He also helped tech brands like AMD, CHERRY, OCZ, be quiet! and IN WIN to establish or strengthen their public relations and social media networks in France. In early 2017, he started its own company, MKBR SAS, effecting brand image development and turnover growth via gaming and eSports.

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Skyyart is a highly acclaimed YouTuber and multiGaming PC Streamer. A former League of Legends pro, he now hosts and comments eSports events. He represented France at OMEN by HP and is a streamer for the first generalist WebTv: “LeStream”. His specialities: fun, a scientific method and elite gaming.



Antoine “Dayshi” Stievenart. As a professional Starcraft 2 player for 5 years, he traveled all over the world to face the best players from France, Europe & the world. He took the time to try other experiences such as streaming or teaming. He remains active and competitive on Starcraft 2, which he says he will never really be able to leave. Finally, and because it’s very important for him, he take a significant part of time to self-study everything from ecology to politics and economics.



Aypierre is a well known YouTuber and multiGaming PC Streamer, especially on Minecraft. He’s acquired a reputation for teaching technical stuff in games. His specialties: his teaching ability and how he explains technical stuff in a easy way.



During his trading experience at Societe Generale and his data scientist position at Mayan Capital where he developed machine learning algorithms, Yohan became interested in blockchain technologies. He sees them today as the next revolution, after social media in the 2000s and the Internet in the 1990s. Fascinated by video-games and betting, Yohan joined the Gimli Project in order to add a new dimension to video games based on cutting-edge technology.